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I provide a variety of notary services. If you are unsure what you need, just book a custom service and we can figure it out! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I prefer cash or e-transfer. but I also take Apple Pay, PayPal, Debit Visa, credit card (including American Express), or debit, either online or in person. 

There are no hidden fees! Everything I charge for is on this page. There is NO TAX on my services. The prices are what they say they are. I do not charge extra for after hours appointments or for sending you a scanned copy of your documents.



1. You will be invoiced a $20 no show fee if you do not cancel within 1 hour of your appointment. I work from home and make arrangements to be available for your appointment, especially during off hours or on the weekends. Please be respectful and cancel ahead of time. Exceptions can be made for emergencies. 


2. I charge $30 for a notarial certificate 


3. I charge $2 per colored seal (the red or gold star imprint you see on certified documents). See the FAQ for information on these. 

4. If you have a virtual appointment and you want a copy of your original documents I charge $5 for regular mail and $20 for Xpost.  $0.25 a page for printing

5. If you need me to provide a witness, I can do so after 4:30pm or on the weekends and there is a $25 charge.

6. If you ask me to print or copy more than 1 page I  charge $3. If it is more than 10 pages I charge $5.

Notary Service

This includes witnessing a signature, for example on a contract, as well as certifying a true copy of an original.


For witnessing a signature I charge $45 for the fist signature. $25 per signature after that. I charge $25 per witness, if needed, which I may be able to provide for you (please contact me if you need this service).

For certifying a true copy, I charge $45 for the first four pages. If you have a multi-page document, I only need to affix one seal. However, as I have to certify each page, I will charge each additional four pages at $25. If you need two documents certified in the same visit (i.e. a passport and a drivers license) I charge $45 for the first document and $25 for the second. Please note, if you need both sides of a document certified, i.e. a drivers license, I must certify each side. This will count as two seals. 

If you require more than 10 signatures or true copies, the cost will be $45 for the first signature/copy, and $10 for each subsequent signature/copy. 


Commissioner of Oaths Service

This includes swearing an oath, affidavit or statutory declaration. These are things like invitation letters, affidavit of service, or an affidavit for court. I charge $45 for the first stamp and $25 for each additional stamp in the same visit. I also charge $25 per exhibit/schedule/appendix as these require their own stamps.


Estate and Specialized Documents 

These are documents such as Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Power of Attorney (special, financial or personal care), estate documents, separation, divorce or pre or post nuptial agreements. Generally Ontario law requires two witnesses to sign and you must bring your own. I charge $90 for these services, plus $35 for each notarized paper copy. I also charge $30 for an Affidavit of Execution, or $40 if you want me to prepare it for you. 

**Please contact me for a quote for real estate sales and purchases 



1. Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney's (Single) $200

Includes Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney (property), Power of Attorney (personal care), and 3 Affidavit of Execution prepared for you. $35 for each notarized paper copy of the Will or POA's. 

2. Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney's (Couple) $300

Includes Last Will and Testament (x2), Power of Attorney (property)(x2), Power of Attorney (personal care((x2), and 6 Affidavit of Execution prepared for you. 

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