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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help. More will be added as I go. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more help. 


Can I get my document(s) notarized virtually?

At this time, only affidavits, oaths, and statutory declarations can be done virtually. Witnessing a signature and certifying true copies must be done in person.


You can generally tell if you have an affidavit because they will have a section at the end that states something like: "Sworn before me...". Sometimes the document is titled "Affidavit".


Statutory declarations are somewhat trickier. Typically, statutory declarations are government approved forms and near the signature portion state something along the lines of, "Solemnly affirm that the contents of this document is true, conscientiously believing it to be true, and knowing it is same as if made under oath...". 


The exact wording may be somewhat different form to form, but these should give you a good idea on how to tell if you need an affidavit or statutory declaration notarized.


Do I need a coloured seal on my document(s)?

No. A notarial impression creates a raised edge on the notarized document and has the same legal effect as if there was a coloured seal underneath. Some customers prefer a coloured seal placed over the notarial impression. I charge $1 extra for every coloured seal requested.


Will you look over my document?

No. I will look over your document for completeness but I do not look it over for correctness nor do I provide any legal advice. 


My document(s) are not in English, can you help?

Yes! A notary is not giving advice on the content of the document, rather, confirming that you are the person signing the document or requesting a true copy. I can witness your signature or make a true copy of an original document.  

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